Barefoot is Best

Physical aging is tough. Our brains are in our 20’s but our bodies disagree. The most effective and simple solution to slow our physical age down is to keep moving, and when it comes to barefoot technology, movement is everything.
Why have we engineered barefoot shoes? Why is it so important? Quite honestly, barefoot IS best. That is the simple answer, but unfortunately, the modern day life we live does not lend itself to being barefoot all day long. We need protection, some sort of armour to get us through our day efficiently and as comfortably as possible.
The Froggie engineering and designing began 15 years ago when the need for spacious, flexible school shoes was desperate. We worked with a local podiatrist who uncovered the link between ridged, tight school shoes and the growing number of adults with problematic feet. The fact is, children have soft, pliable cartilage in their toes until they reach physical maturity around 18. The cartilage gradually ossifies (hardens into bone) as they grow and develop. If you think about it, the majority of their day they were forced into thick ridged sole shoes that pinch their toes. It was no wonder we were seeing such problematic feet in adults.
We are now in a situation where Froggie barefoot school shoes are in high demand, and mums are realising the importance of incorporating barefoot technology into their children’s footwear. We have also seen a need for barefoot technology in adults, so we have developed a barefoot sneaker and pump that you can wear with full confidence knowing that you are emulating barefoot movement.
Some important reasons why barefoot technology is best :
  1. Natural Movement : It allows for the most natural movement possible, which strengthens foot muscles.
  2. Improved Balance : The more barefoot you are, the more balance and proprioception you will have.
  3. Better Posture : It promotes better posture and alignment
  4. Reduces foot problems : It can helps prevent or alleviate issues like plantar fasciitis and toe deformities.


The ultimate shoe for your wardrobe. This barefoot sneaker takes sneaker wearing to a whole new level. You will struggle to wear another shoe quite frankly, especially if you have problems with your feet. This sneaker has been designed to be all inclusive of all feet narrow and wide. The wide design of the toe box gives your toes the freedom they deserve and the flexible bucket sole keeps your barefoot natural movement. The elastic lace is ideal for slipping on and off without worrying about laces. The removable footbed means you can use your own personal orthotics should you wish. We have not sacrificed style here, they are on trend and easy to wear.  You will reach for them day after day!



Pumps are usually a firm “no” for women with foot problems. Cheap pumps can pinch toes and frustrate the wearer with not staying on if they buy them too loose. This Froggie barefoot pump has been designed with a wide toe box to ensure natural movement, but it has an elasticated topline to hug your foot, whatever your foot shape. It has a soft lining that feels like a duvet wrapped around your foot. We have designed a bucket barefoot sole to keep full flexibility for movement. The removable footbed is handy for cleaning, but also ideal if you need to swap it out for your own personal orthotics. It is a cute little pump that is versatile to wear in an array of colours.
No matter your age, your feet are probably the very most important part of your body to look after. Prevention is key. As much as you can, stand on the earth barefooted and ground yourself. When you are going to be doing a lot of standing or walking, please, choose barefoot technology. You will not be sorry, you will forget they are even on.



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