At froggie, innovation is the name of the game. We design, develop and make our own leather shoes. This gives us the ability to cater for our customer's footwear wants & needs.

A leather or suede product is an expensive investment, so it is important to choose it carefully and care for it wisely. Froggie tries their utmost best to match the skins as uniformly as possible, but even the best matching may still show some variance in texture, weight, and colour uniformity.

These can be accentuated after cleaning. The true beauty of genuine leather/suede is accentuated by the scars, pits and scratches which become a part of every animal as it comes in contact with its natural habitat, giving conclusive proof that your product is indeed genuine.


Clean only with a soft, damp cloth. Condition the leather with a matching shoe polish. Avoid excessive or harsh rubbing as this will compromise the surface of the leather. Do not use any solvents, chemicals or abrasive substances to clean your shoes. 

Metallic Shoe Care

Metallic leathers are delicate due to their metal foil coating and need gentle care during wear and cleaning. The foil will not tolerate rough treatment as this will damage the surface. 

Suggested Shoe Care Brand

Colby Protector is an invisible protector specially formulated to protect leather, suede, fabric and wool against penetration of water and oil. It can be used on shoes, boots, clothing, furniture and accessories. it is not suitable for use on some synthetic, patent, metallic and pearlised finishes.

Colby's Combination Cleaner cleans and protects smooth and waxed leathers, suede, nubuck and synthetic footwear and accessories. It will remove most dirt and stains. It is suitable to use on all colours.


Genuine Leather Uppers

Your shoes are made from the highest quality leather that is put through a tumbling process. Any creasing or irregularities are natural features of genuine leather, making each pair of froggie shoes unique.

PU Soles

These soles are made from polyurethane (PU) which is a hard-wearing, lightweight, durable material. PU soles should be worn regularly to prevent crumbling or disintegration caused by the absorption of moisture in the air. Improve the longevity of your PU soles by storing in a dry, clean space.


Refunds/exchanges will not be awarded for damage to your shoes as a result of improper handling or care.