1. Adding to cart-

Once you’ve selected the size and style you’re looking for you can officially begin with placing your order. Click “Buy it Now” and it should take you directly to the information page.


  1. Adding Information-

On the information page simply add all of your information so we know where to send your shoes. Once you’re done filling in your info you’re ready to sort out shipment. Before you click that “Continue to shipping” button make sure you’ve ticked the little box above it to save all of this information for the next time you shop online.


  1. Shipping Info-

Now is the time to double check if your address information is correct. This is also the page that will let you know if you qualify for free shipping or not, keep in mind that only purchases over R1000. Once all of that looks good its time to move onto the payment step

  1. Payment-

It’s time to pick a payment method. We have five different options, all you need to do is pick what works for you. Once you’ve made the big decision make sure your billing address is correct. Click "Pay Now"

  1. And just like that your order has been placed! All you need to do is make sure your payment goes through. Once all of that is done you can officially start your countdown, your shoe will arrive in 3-7 business days