Froggie Shoes

High-Bar Girls School Shoes in Brown Sizes 36-43 - 6610

R 599
Introducing a scientifically proven new school shoe that will assist in the healthy development of children’s feet…
Froggie Barefoot Science shoes are beautifully soft and flexible while still offering underfoot protection. This flexibility allows natural forefoot range of motion when walking, running or playing (just like being barefoot), and the shape design provides enough room for toes to exercise, which in turn promotes internal foot muscle development and strong bones.
Based on the ‘Barefoot is Best’ principle, the lighweight, flexible design of Froggie Barefoot Science promotes natural, simultaneous development of all muscle groups in the foot, leading to strong feet and ankles.

Suggested Products to use on above shoes for best results :

Pedag Quick Shine Sponge (132-128) : Easy for anyone in a rush. It has all the ingredients (for cleaning and nourishing) inside on a sponge. Wipe and it cleans your shoes. DO NOT USE ON BAGS OR JACKETS.

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