2024’s Revival of the Riding Boot

This classic is always a beautiful look, but it hasn’t been that relevant in the past few seasons. Suddenly it is rearing its head again and we are ready with our own show stopping take on this classic look.
Ultimate comfort meets style with the new riding boot (12610) in our Winter ’24 collection. This timeless classic just never goes out so if you are looking to invest in a pair of boots, this is a great option. They are so versatile to wear. You can throw on comfy jeans and elevate with a white shirt and long coat. They are also great with fitted black leggings and long coat to create an elongated clean silhouette. Dresses and long skirts are also a hot 2024 look for boot wearing. The rider comes in black and chestnut which are both so neutral and easy to wear with most colours. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this boot.





If you need a more formal boot but love the riding boot look, we have a sleek long boot with a soft square toe and a low block heel (12608). This boot also comes in black and chestnut to create versatility in your wardrobe.





If a rider isn’t for you and you like a more racy boot, then take a look at our knee high bombshell. Selling like hotcakes AGAIN this season is our classic black knee high with super high heel (10951). This girl keeps coming back season after season for the elongated sophisticated height she gives her wearer with all day comfort. We take high heel comfort very seriously here at Froggie and there is no exception for this high quality leather boot. It has a TR platform sole giving you complete shock absorbent nonslip wear. She really is a saucy minx.



Knee High Boots in Black



Knee High Boots in Black

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