Winter Dressing

The time has come to bundle up and reach for leather boots. I love dressing for winter, sadly we don’t see much of a Winter here in our little coastal KZN town but that doesn’t mean I won’t pack my coat, boots and winter woollies and head on over to the Midlands for a weekend. There is something comforting about hugging your body into snuggly clothing. It is also easy to look smart in Winter which I love. The endless layering options give you versatility in your wardrobe which is always useful. 
For a timeless and winter stylish look, we have our new flat ankle boot (12605). This boot is so classic it will outlive you in your wardrobe. The elastic look is practical and gives you a taste of the Chelsea season but a little more dressy with the buckle. This is one your daughter pulls out one day asking if she can borrow your vintage boots. The inside zip helps you in and out with ease.


Cleated soles are hot this season and we have a biker inspired lace up on a cleat for the inner you that is riding in the back of a Harley. This little firecracker is gorgeous with a leather jacket, all black look, jeans and coat look, and a dress look. Again, keeping it classic we have gone for a gentle cleat with a more feminine toe shape. The buckle and lace ensure for a snug fit and once you have your lace set, it is in and out of the inside zip for the rest of the season. Easy peasy, no tying laces all the time.
Easy to wear, this boot just keeps coming back season after season. More of a shoot than a boot, it works with any jean or trouser. The super comfy underfoot foam makes her almost feel like the sneaker version of a boot. You can wear her all day every day. Classic and easy to slip on and off, she is a winter must.


Here's the thing with boots. They are a big purchase. The temptation to buy a cheaper imported boot is real, but you will be sorry for two reasons. Longevity of a quality made boot, and longevity of a timeless style. This is why we make sure we have the highest quality, long lasting leather for our boots. We design our boots to be as timeless classics to keep you in them for years to come. We have a lovely collection of flats, heels, long, short. All exquisitely hand crafted here in South Africa by South African’s.

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