At froggie, innovation is the name of the game

Over time, our customers have come to look to the froggie brand for high quality leather shoes brimming with comfort. For our Winter 2021 range, we chose to focus on enhancing the comfort features of our shoes. 

At froggie, innovation is the name of the game. We design, develop and make our own leather shoes. This gives us the unique ability to cater for our customer's footwear wants & needs.

Our classic style is brought to life by our dedicated shoe designer, who learnt this sophisticated trade in Italy. During development, we work closely with a leading podiatrist, who conducted a comprehensive study of the characteristics and structure of women's feet in the region of Southern Africa. PLUS - We keep our ears to the ground and listen out for what our customers have to say on our social platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter ... and ofcourse in person at our stores across the country.

If anybody can create shoes for the Women of South Africa - it is froggie shoes!

Ok - back to our Winter 2021 range...

We know what it's like to be on our feet all day; nowadays the roles women play are so multi-faceted and busy! So, to give that extra bit of comfort underfoot, for those on-the-go days, we enhanced our flexible, cleated, low-wedge sole by including a removable footbed.


The removable footbed is made from high density foam that accommodates and cushions your foot movement during the day. Unlike conventional footbeds, this new footbed innovation from froggie, maintains its shape during daily wear. Being removable, the froggie footbed can also replaced with a prescribed insert from your local pharmacy or podiatrist. 


Quite a marvel if I do say so myself! Once you get to know me, you will realise that I'm a complete nutter for comfy shoes! At froggie, our focus is on making shoes that look good but also really work for you, giving you the comfort you need.

Let Sarah tell you all about it in person - click here to meet her!

Froggie Brand Manager Sarah Gedye talks about new comfort features


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