Easy On Easy Off

Life is busy enough at the moment. Workloads are heavy, parenting is demanding, our days and heads are overflowing with never-ending lists and instant information that we just can’t seem to get away from. Can we just start the day with some simplicity like slipping into a pair of shoes with zero effort? It’s the little things that make a big difference in one’s day. We have a collection of Froggie sneaker’s that are just like that. They are the good children that are easy to get out the front door. No tying, no pulling, no heel crushing, no hacking. Just easy on easy off.
This collection of Froggie sneakers are must have’s for so many reasons. We have designed this range of sneakers on a sole made of thermoplastic rubber (TR) making them wear-resistant for outdoor and leisure footwear. They are non-slip giving you great grip while still remaining flexible. The second truly magical thing about this range is the removable footbed. If you need to insert your own orthotics, this is the range of shoes for you. Simply remove our footbed and insert your own. It also makes life easy having a wipeable removable foot bed to keep your kicks feeling fresh. No need to choose between style and orthotics any longer.
This is a timeless classic in our collection that women can’t get enough of. It has all the comfort of a trainer, but lace free and more dressy than a sneaker. The elastic tabs on both side allow for easy entry and that will hug your narrow or wider feet. There is something very French and stylish about popping these on with your smart casual, rather than a lace up. Available in White, black, tan, leopard, gold and red. Hard to pick one but the leopard are the new “neutral” for me. It goes with everything and elevates each ensamble.





This is a shoe I never want to take off and reach for every time I know I have a day of errands, and need to be comfy but want to feel stylish and on trend. The elastic laces allow all feet widths to feel snug and getting in and out is a breeze. The little gold trim lace ends elevate the look so you can get away with dressing these up quite smart, even with dresses. Have I mentioned the soft foam-back lining that is like having a hug for your feet. There is no rubbing or scratching or hurting at the back of your foot. They are like walking in duvet padded socks. This girl also comes in Black, Tan and white with black trimming or white with tan



This is where we crank up the easy on easy off ease! This really is like wearing a slipper that you can go out into the world with style confidence. It is midseason sheek. Another classic that our women love, she also has elastic gussets to help you ease in and stay snug. The subtle snake print onto leather gives this year’s range an elevated stylish edge. Available in black, stone, white and silver.
We are confident that this design has ticked many boxes with this range of easy on easy off shoes. If you want something more stylish than a normal trainer, tick. If you wear orthotics, tick. If you want all day comfort, tick. If you want a non-slip flexible sole, tick. If you want a shoe that fits your unique width foot, tick. If you want a leather shoe that gives you longevity of wear, tick. If you want something to start your day off on a good foot, tick tick tick.




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