How to style a Froggie vellie

Let’s start with the history of South Africa’s traditional “Veldskoen” because it is really interesting, and where the inspiration for our own version came from.
“The name comes from Afrikaans vel ("skin"), later assimilated with veld ("field"), and skoene ("shoes"). Their design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear observed by these settlers and were adopted in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa. The footwear was later embedded into the Afrikaner psyche when Velskoene were used as the footwear of the Great Trek.”
Ref. from Wikipedia
Internationally all through history, some sort of “farm boot, desert boot, field shoe or chukka boot” comes up, and all of them have had the same purpose. To be worn comfortably for long periods of time, protecting  the foot from the elements. This is exactly why the trend for our beloved vellies have always been associated as a great farm utility type shoe. Lately though, we have loved seeing strong women rocking this look from Yellowstone Ranch vibes, to  sipping G&T’s on the back of a game vehicle or simply out on a grocery run. This boot will mould to your foot and life in an instant, so much so that it will be hard to wear anything else. I know, because I personally did a wear trial and let me tell you they are sensational and easy to wear with just about any ensemble.
The most obvious styled look made for vellie’s are jeans. Straight jeans, wide leg jeans, all jeans look great with this boot. Don’t underestimate chino’s too. That is a whole new vibe paired with a white tee, jersey around the shoulders, or a lightweight shirt with silk scarf cowgirl style around your neck. Don’t be fooled with this versatile shoe, Vellies are not just for jeans, linen shirts with fedora hats.  Statement dresses and skirts are sure to turn heads and get attention. We simply love how it looks with everything.
Our Froggie take on the traditional veldskoen is on our much loved retro sneaker base. This thick TR sole has a rubbery feel to help with grip, making it a great shoe to navigate a bush walk and equally stabilising on slippery floors. We chose a Nubuck leather in tobacco and forest colour, along with a snake print in saddle colour. The nubuck is a silkier finish than suede but has a great rustic look and is high quality and very durable. The snake is a statement elevating the traditional vellie look and is wipe clean efficient. Soft cushion under foot with a removable footbed, this boot is sure to keep you on cloud nine.
If we haven’t completely convinced you that vellie’s are a must have this season, then here are some other looks on this versatile sole that you will enjoy.

Ruche boot (10970)

Elastic lace sneaker (12187 )

Slip on Sneaker (12583 )

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