It can be difficult to spot a fake, fraudulent or scam website. Fraudsters can be extremely cunning and use their expertise to create convincing websites.
So what can you do:
1. Double-check the website's address
ours will always and only be
2. Is the offer too good to be true?
If prices seem too good to be true then, sadly, they probably are.
Scam websites use low prices to lure bargain-hungry shoppers in order to quickly sell fake, counterfeit or non-existent items.

Sometimes, scammers also use pushy language or a countdown timer to pile on the pressure to buy something while the offer lasts, so be alert to this. We at Froggie will never offer 80% discounts, shoes priced in dollars or shoes for R100 a pair.
3. Facebook and Instagram
Always check the links when you click through from these posts, that you have indeed been directed through to the authentic page you wanted, ours will always be
4. Our Order Number
Please note our order number will always be # and 5 digits.