Removable Footbed Sandals with Style

When I was a little girl, I remember watching a woman waiting for the bus, and thinking to myself “That’s a Granny”. Let me outline the memory that made her a Granny in my young eyes. She was sitting bent over on a bench, white curly short hair, glasses, a dull coloured dress in a paisley print with a cane. Never mind any of that, it was the shoes for me that screamed “I am old”. I couldn’t get over these ugly heavy sandals with stockings. That memory sadly gave me a stereotyped version of what I would look like as a Granny one day, destined for hideous yet comfortable sandals with stocking covered toes peeping out.
As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised age is but a mindset. We are as young as we feel. An 80 year old might behave and dress like a 30 year old, similarly a 30 year old might behave and dress like an 80 year old. The point is, old age doesn’t mean we want to sacrifice looking and feeling stylish.
The first pesky thing to get in-between one’s aging feet and gorgeous high heels are bunions and sensitivity. As the years roll on, the feet get even more tired and trips to the Podiatrist or Ortho keep rolling in. Suddenly that mindset of staying young and stylish is drowned out by the screams of arch’s begging for sensible Granny shoes with orthotic relief. I’ve watched countless stylish women trying on ugly shoes suitable for their prescribed orthotics, mortified as their dreams of strappy sandals and heels float out the door.
Of course there is a very large part of removable footbed shoes and sandals that have to be mechanically sound to hold the foot safely, and allow for personalised orthotics to fit, BUT, do we HAVE to sacrifice style?

Froggie Removable footbed sandal 12533 in lead

We at Froggie are endlessly designing and developing to find the perfect equilibrium where comfort meets style and TaDaaaaa, in walks our latest beauty to join our range. A removable footbed sandal construction with 2 exquisite styles that young woman are already lusting after. Whether you wear orthotics or not, a removable footbed is so handy! So, ladies of all ages and mindset’s, this one is for you. Gone is the sentence to life without style, and may it never rear its ugly head again.

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