Removable Footbeds

More and more women seem to be struggling with their feet and heading to see a podiatrist younger than ever. It is a good reason to ensure that children are barefoot where possible and wearing barefoot technology when they need to be in shoes to try and bring down the statistics of foot problems in adults. Prevention is key in this case.
Here at Froggie, we have noticed a desperate need for women to put their own custom made orthotics into sandals, and it is not easy to find this technology in footwear that is comfortable and attractive. Sure, you can find sneakers that you can quite easily drop your own orthotics into, but when it comes to sandals for our sweaty Summer’s, it is an ongoing battle. We have heard your cry and have developed a few styles this Summer which have removable footbeds so you can swap them out for your orthotics with ease. Let me stress that the footbed we currently have in the sandals are beautifully comfortable so if you do not need orthotics, these sandals may still be your cup of tea. 
Strap Sandal with Removable Footbed– 11639
The beauty of this Froggie sandal is that you are wearing a hand crafted leather sandal with a slight wedge lift, but disguised within it’s drop in cavity is a soft, super comfy padded footbed. The brilliance is when you remove the footbed and drop in your own custom orthotic, it will not be noticeable. In fact you will look gorgeous and feel ready to take on your day with confidence. 
Strap Sandal with Removable Footbed– 12533
The 2-Strap Sandal with Removable Footbed offers the best of both comfort and classic style. With reliable double Velcro straps with sling and solid wedge base, your foot will be secure and supported. The footbed is spongy and can be replaced with your own made-to-fit orthotic. There is extra fitting provided by an extender strap should you have a wider fitting foot. This style is classic and timeless allowing you to dress it up or down with many pieces in your wardrobe. 
Slingback Sandal with Removable Footbed - 12532
This sleek slingback sandal features a dressy nickel trim on the leather upper. It has a sturdy base to provide a secure foothold. The engineered sole allows for a spongy removable footbed, making it easy to switch with a custom orthotic without anyone noticing.
T-bar Sandal with Removable Footbed - 11471
Our unique design with a removable footbed is a true Froggie style merging comfort with timeless easy to wear style. This sandal has the perks of a summer sandal but can also hold an insert for extra comfort should you need it. Again, disguised within its drop in cavity is a soft, super comfy gel-padded footbed you can replace with your own custom-fit orthotic if you have one.
Strippy Strappy sandal with removable footbed - 12534
At last, a feminine sandal beauty that takes a custom fit orthotic. Feel like a woman again with this elegant style without sacrificing all day comfort and wellbeing for your feet. The footbed is spongy and can be replaced with your own made-to-fit orthotic without being noticed. 
I hope these styles bring joy and all day comfort this summer holidays. No woman should suffer sneakers or ugly shoes in the summer heat because she has no other option with her orthotics. We are committed to keep pioneering and finding solutions for comfort for everyone without sacrificing style. Let us know how you feel in our summer styles.

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