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Why we do not have more size 3s and 10s

Many of our customers ask this question and it really comes down to economics. It takes a significant investment to manufacture a shoe in all the sizes required. For example - first we need a set of lasts ( a last is the solid form a shoes/sandal is made around and each size needs its own last and then we need a number of lasts for each size for the production process) which amounts to +- R30 000, then we need a sole mould for every size (+- R20 000 for each size) and there may be a heel mould too in addition to the knives that cut the leather for the upper and shoe lining (+-20 000). So, you’re looking at about R200 000 for shoe style.

Typically – the size demand is as follows: size 6,5,7,8,4 and then 3,9 and 10. In reality, the Froggie factory needs to keep running, thus we invest in sizes that we know are going to sell and be profitable.

We truly wish we could have more size 3s and 10s available but the current economic situation in South Africa has made it really challenging for local manufacturers – countless factories have had to close their doors.

We do hear you and truly value your support. Hopefully as the economy improves, Froggie will be able to increase its offering.

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