Channeling Chanel

Elegance, Style and Simplicity are the reasons why the Chanel look seems to live on forever. Channelling Chanel seems to be a worldwide trend at the moment with women all over the world wanting a piece of this sophisticated look. In line with this, we have designed some timeless Froggie pumps and court shoe’s that are inspired by the notorious Chanel two tone look. These Froggie looks have been carefully considered to bring you a timeless look of style and beauty while ensuring complete comfort. Not many brands can make style and comfort a reality, we demand it. 
For the ballerina pump lover’s, we have a beautiful cream bow pump with a black toe cap ( Froggie style number 12586 ). This pump will polish your look and guarantee all day comfort with a memory foam insole.
Keeping on trend with the block heels rocking around the block lately, we have our show stopper cream point with black toe cap ( Froggie style number 12464 ). Whether you are heading to work or out on the town, this cushioned heel and timeless classic will keep you comfortable all day and support your arches well into the night.
In Coco’s words, let me leave you with this "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." This is a motto deep in our hearts at Froggie and a code we live by.

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