When style meets comfort it is a beautiful thing. It is something we subconsciously look for everyday of our lives when we reach for our wardrobes. There is nothing that can ruin your day and mood faster than an uncomfortable shoe, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, nothing can make you feel more unglamourous than wearing a chunky orthotic shoe. You shouldn’t have to choose comfort over style, and now you don’t. Your dreams of stylish shoes, suitable for personal orthotics are now a reality here at Froggie shoes. We take great care and consideration into the engineering of our shoes to ensure that women look how they feel on the inside. We have 4 styles to share with you that will meet your personal podiatry requirements for orthotics, you are going to enjoy the soft removable footbed that allows for easy cleaning and cushion comfort.
The Elastic Sneaker ( 12187 )
Now here we have a hybrid casual sneaker that will be hard not to wear every day. The soft padded lining is simply like getting under your snug down duvet in Winter. Again, you may remove our footbed and insert your own orthotic with ease. The elastic laces make slipping in and out of this shoe so easy and will snuggly hug your foot. We have added little gold trims to the ends to give you that cheeky glamour even when you are wearing a sneaker.
The Penny Loafer ( 12464 )
Available in soft leather or silky suede, this loafer is a timeless classic that is hot on international trend a perfect transitional shoe for autumn. I don’t know of another more stylish loafer available that has all the comfort, glam and a removable footbed. This is relaxed glamour at its best.
The Slip on Sneaker ( 12583 )
The name says it all. If  you want that sporty casual footwear feel, but can’t see yourself wearing a lace up sneaker outside of the gym, then this girl is for you. Available in soft leathers, and now our signature leopard print, she is sure to bring you all day comfort but keep you looking trendy.
The Open back Slip on Sneaker ( 12584 )
A transitional open back version of the above style. This is great for the months of unpredictable weather for the lead up to Winter. It is also wonderful for women who do battle to find shoes with orthotics to have a mid-season option.

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