First Disclaimer ;
By no means does the heading to this blog confirm that white sneakers are out. In fact, our Froggie white sneakers are, and will remain the platonic ideal of a shoe: timeless, versatile and comfortable. They are the blank canvas upon which we can build almost any outfit in our wardrobe, but we cannot ignore that peaking over the horizon are a lot of trends percolating, among them sporty sneakers and retro converse type kicks.
As a rule, we at Froggie strive to deliver long lasting shoes in terms of high end manufacture here in South Africa. With this comes the responsibility of  ensuring the style of shoe is timeless keeping you in style for longer. Second Disclaimer ; We cannot guarantee your teenage daughter won’t be pulling out vintage Froggie’s from your wardrobe one day, so it is our business to ensure timeless classics that last well into the future. With this thought, we have curated an easy to wear semi neutral range of “non-white sneakers” to add to your wardrobe as effortlessly as your white Froggie’s.
The Elastic lace Barefoot Sneaker in Tobacco ( 12601 )
This sneaker feels like a hug for your foot. Our Froggie Barefoot science ensures your foot has all day flexibility and comfort with no restrictions on the natural movement of your foot. While your toes can move freely in the spacious forepart, your foot is hugged snuggly with elastic laces to fit your foot. Goodbye untied shoe laces, this is slip on slip off movements for women on the run. With a removable footbed for extra soft cushioning and ease of cleaning, what is not to love? She looks cool too.
FROGGIE lace-up Barefoot Shoe with removable footbed in Tobacco - 12601 FROGGIE lace-up Barefoot Shoe with removable footbed in Tobacco - 12601 
Lace up Glam Sneaker in Black multi ( 12459)
Black is back, and with a glam difference. Many of you have been rocking this girl in white with silver detailed back, so you know her and love her. Here we have an easy to wear black style with a hint of leopard and gold to elevate any look in your Wardrobe. This is like the classic little black dress, you simply have to have it. Made of soft leather, light as a feather with underfoot cushioning, this shoe is one of those styles you will keep reaching for when you need a lift.
Froggie Lace-up Glam Sneakers in Black Multi - 12459 Froggie Lace-up Glam Sneakers in Black Multi - 12459 
There you have it, there is more to casual fashion than the infamous white sneaker, but be intentional with your choices. The sea of gorgeous brightly coloured kicks are tempting but seasonal. Keep it neutral, keep it classy.
Final Disclaimer:
We didn’t say it would be easy to choose just one.

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