Easy to Wear Sneakers

Sneakers have evolved. They have elevated themselves from the underdressed sloppy look to smart casual sheek. Gone are the days when only the sporty women who actually did sport ware sneakers. Women of all ages are wearing sneakers to do life. Let’s face it ladies, life is sport for all of us. We need to be comfortable yet still look put together. Careful consideration from has gone into this range of Froggie Sneakers. Our sneakers are designed for comfort, providing cushioning, support, and flexibility. They are perfect for a busy lifestyle.
12750 – New slip on (extra cushioning under foot)



This is a Froggie classic. Our beloved “easy on easy off” is new and improved with a soft and squishy padded lining. It is like having a duvet wrapped around your foot. We have a new and improved underfoot cushioning to keep you feeling comfy all day. The elastic on both sides of the foot allows for easy entry and exit. It really is slip on slip off heaven for those on the move.
11400 – Classic lace up Sneaker (removable footbed)






There is nothing like a classic athletic sneaker to keep you agile and comfy. They are so versatile you can wear them with any outfit. They even pair perfectly with floaty long sleeve dresses. This beauty comes in silver leather

Metallic silver sneakers have become a new must have for an update to your wardrobe (check out Pinterest to see how the fashionista’s are wearing them) You can wear them with just about any colour as they are a fresh new take on a natural. If you are a gold girl, we have our updated classic 12750 in gold, equally easy to wear for its style, comfort and neutral colour.

12187 – Elastic lace Sneaker (removable footbed)
This is an iconic look for Froggie. If laces are not for you, but you like the look then this is a great leather sneaker choice. Flexible and easy to get in and out of, this sneaker has buckets of style to match the comfort. And, with soft padded lining, you’ll be reaching for these daily.
12601 – Elastic lace Barefoot sneaker (removable footbed)




Another iconic look for Froggie, similar to the above but with our barefoot technology. This has all the benefits of our Froggie school shoe but you don’t have to be at school. It is flexible, spacious for your toes, easy to get in and out of and best of all, feels like you’re barefoot.

Every wardrobe should have at least one pair of casual sneakers. If you only have trainers strictly for exercise, you are missing out on a whole world of easy dressing.

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