Essential guide to Winter 2023 Mules and Loafers

Being in the footwear industry, shoe style classification sometimes gets a little complicated for me. There are style crossovers that can make a construction difficult to define. In this case we look for distinguishing features. Take mules and loafers for example – both easy wear slip-on styles, but what makes them different? Read on to discover …

Ancient origins

To better understand the development of these shoes, we must delve into history. As far as we know, the earliest shoes (made from tree bark) date back to 8000 BC, while those made from leather can be traced to 3500 BC. They served a practical function and provided a protective covering for the feet from rough terrain and harsh elements. It was only much later, around 4 BC, where the use of shoes took on a symbolic nature. They could represent social rank, gender or even occupation and this lent towards the introduction of different colours, heel heights and decorative embellishments.

In the case of the Mule shoe. Their first recorded use was in Ancient Rome and yet they only rose to popularity around the 16th Century. Characterised by their open-back, they where originally used as bedroom slippers not worn in public. Nowadays they have become synonymous with versatility, ease of wear and style and can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

See our latest Mule footwear for AW23 – shoes fit for any time or occasion

white mule horse bitMule with Gold Trim in White - 12450

These sleek, almond-toe Mules with gold plated trim create a stylish accent to any wardrobe. Crafted from soft leather, they provide a great fit for an office or weekend outing from Autumn through Winter.

loafer in black leatherMule with Gold Trim in Black - 12450

Spoilt for choice, we offer a variety of colour options: Black, White, Navy, Stone and Forest.

mule in navyMule with Gold Trim in Navy - 12450
mule in stoneMule with Gold Trim in Stone - 12450
mule in forestMule with Gold Trim in Forest - 12450


Now, as opposed to Mules, Loafers have a closed back, and are generally flat. They also had casual beginnings but rose to fame and popularity thanks to the likes of Wall Street, Gucci, Pope Benedict XVI and Michael Jackson with his penny loafer iconic toe-stand.

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penny loafer in black suedePenny Loafer in Black Suede - 12464

Penny Loafers have an interesting back story … First emerging around the 1930s, a distinctive leather strip with diamond cutout was added to the style. Some say prep students used to insert a penny in the cutout as a fashion statement, while others believe the penny was placed for safekeeping, in case of the need to make an emergency call. Whatever the truth is, what remains is the ability of this style to accent and lift your wardrobe – hence the extensive use in the corporate sphere by both men and women.

penny loafer in tanPenny Loafer in Whisky - 12464

Create your own Prep School Look with these leather Penny Loafers. They offer a snug, secure fit with cushioned comfort for all day wear. Team with tailoring, denim and everything in between.

black patent penny loaferPenny Loafer in Black Patent - 12464
black penny loaferPenny Loafer in Black - 12464
 loafer in black leatherLoafer with Gold Trim in Black – 12451

Casual dress codes need the footwear to match – enter our new Horse Bit Loafer.  Fashioned from buttery leather complete with on-trend genuine gold plated embellishments.

horse bit loafer in forestLoafer with Gold Trim in Forest – 12451

Horse Bit Loafers with genuine gold-plated trim in Black, Forest, Tan, Red, White and Manager – the choice is yours!

loafer in tanLoafer with Gold Trim in Tan – 12451loafer in redLoafer with Gold Trim in Red – 12451loafer in whiteLoafer with Gold Trim in White – 12451


loafer in managerLoafer with Removable Footbed in Manager – 12463

This classic loafer with metallic chain accent will add that something special to your wardrobe.

black loafer chainLoafer with Removable Footbed in Black – 12463

Also geared for comfort, they are lined with soft microfibre and cushioned with removable footbeds to provide easy all-day wear.

Loafer with Removable Footbed in Forest – 12463


There you have it: our Essential guide to Winter 2023 Mules and Loafers with a variety of trims, styles and colours to choose from. Follow this link to view and order:


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