Genuine Sheepskin Boots with the fur

Winter has arrived with a particular European icy feel this year. The weather is unruly and unpredictable. Suddenly I’m reaching for my fur boots, and we live on the North Coast! There is nothing like owning a pair of trusty fur boots to instantly warm you up. Whether it is an early morning game drive, a mountain stroll, or simply school drop off, there are those key moments you curse not splurging on a pair last winter. Don’t let that be you this Winter. Invest in the genuine article, you won’t be sorry. 

When it comes to fur lined boots, good quality genuine sheep the only choice. Here’s why :

  • Warmth : Sheepskin is a natural insulator providing superior warmth and thermal regulation so you don’t overheat. Interestingly enough, a genuine sheepskin in a pram for example, regulates natural temperature and keeps a baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Faux fur is completely synthetic making your feet inescapably hot even on cold days.
  • Breathability : Sheepskin allows moisture to escape, preventing build up, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Faux fur will make your feet sweat.
  • Softness : Genuine sheepskin is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. Faux fur has a more scratchy feel.
  • Durablity : Sheepskin is more resistant to wear and tear, lasting longer than faux fur.
  • Anti-Odor properties : Sheepskin has natural antimicrobial properties, reducing foot odor.
  • Forgiving fit : Sheepskin, moulds to your foot, providing a more customized fit. Faux fur is prone to piling or shedding during time and will flatten out after a few wears.
Now that we have covered why investing in Genuine sheepskin boots is imperative, let’s take a look at the styles we have for you.
With exceptional soft comfort, and trendy look, it is no surprise this little boot flies off our shelves season after season. It is a classic of ours that doesn’t date. Easy to slip on and off, perfect for everyday wear and the potential to dress up and down. All style jeans, leggings, activewear go with this little beauty. She is also gorgeous with dresses and skirts. We have chosen nubuck leather which is somewhere inbetween suede and leather. It has the velvety brushed leather feel of suede, but is slightly easier to maintain. The Thermal Rubber (TR) sole is anti-slip, allowing great traction on various surfaces. TR also acts as a thermal insulator keeping feet extra warm in cold conditions. It is flexible, making them comfortable for walking without restriction. TR is extremely durable, extending the life time of your boots by a long shot. This style has genuine sheepskin fur on the sock which makes it extra snug and cushion soft under the foot.
Model wears tobacco Nubuck. Also available in black and manager


This snug genuine sheepskin lined boot is mid calf length is also in our high quality nubuck leather. The sheepkin lining is tucked away, purely for comfort keeping the style of the boot clean. This boot has a slight wedge which will elongate you while still having all the benefits of a flat boot. The sole is also TR making them an excellent choice.
Model wears tobacco Nubuck. Also available in black and manager
The benefits of genuine sheepskin are overwhelming for your investment, and we take longevity of our footwear very seriously. We have kept the styling timeless, and are confident you will enjoy these boots for seasons to come, but go and get a pair before the Season is done and you miss the boat again!



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