Let’s go chunky! Lace-up ankle boots are back in a BIG way

Back in the day

Chunky lace-up ankle boots have been around since the mid-20th century, they started life as a working boot on building sites and farms etc in England. From about the 1950’s the youth began to adopt the ankle boot as their signature look. In retrospect, the ankle boot has waxed and waned in popularity but has continued to be worn by devotees.

Froggie style

The chunky lace-up ankle boot has come back into full trend and is very versatile. It can be worn with short floral dresses, shorts, jeans and long flowing skirts.

On a side note … we had our first shoot in what seems like forever earlier this month. Our backdrop, Savior Café in the idyllic suburb of Glenwood, Durban. Max, the founder of @savior_artisanat , also let us accessorise with his beautiful hand-crafted leather bag range.

We have developed our own version, comprising of a soft mellow leather made by the Mossop’s tannery in Wellington, which has been in operation for over 170 years. The lighter flexible sole, feminine toe, spongy memory foam underfoot can offer years of wearing pleasure … If you look after them of course! PLUS, the added inside zip makes fighting with your laces a thing of the past.

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