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Sometimes I wonder whether we were made to walk upright on two feet …

So many of us experience foot health issues; could it be, that we are not meant to wear shoes such as high heels or shoes with pointed toes that do not accommodate the natural structure of our feet.

Bring on the Orthoses

Say what? An orthosis (plural: orthoses) is “an externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system”.[1]

Now, try and combine that with a stylish summer sandal – not that easy. In fact, it’s really difficult to find beautiful, comfy sandals – nevermind those that can fit an orthosis without looking medically prescribed.

Good news …

Froggie, the pioneers that we are, have developed a revolutionary new sandal that will accommodate the average orthosis.

At a glance, you see a gorgeous hand-crafted genuine leather sandal … Disguised within, is a cavity fitted with a soft, super-comfy, gel-padded footbed. The footbed is also fully removable should you wish to fit your own orthosis. So if, for example, you usually use a custom arch or metatarsal support, this sandal will fit it. The result: a sandal with custom comfort that still looks fabulous.

Two styles: a closed back and a 2-strap sandal

The closed back sandal holds on to the foot securely at the back for increased stability while still providing airy, cool all day wear.

The 2-strap sandal, with velcro straps, is totally adjustable to the width of your feet and also comes with extender straps should you require a little more length.

I wont deny, there was a lot of back and forth at the development stage plus the odd roadblock … but, what I’ve found with anything challenging, when you’re backed by a passionate, cohesive team – nothing is impossible. Come walk with Froggie Shoes – always moving forward in style, quality and comfort.



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