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Exciting development  

Our barefoot school shoes have a unique design and a completely different way of looking at children’s shoes. We have taken the same sole and made a women’s elasticated barefoot pump. It has a very different look and feel as the toe-box is much wider than your average pump and the sole is completely flat.

barefoot pump wider fit

Elasticated Pump in Black - 12530

Walking barefoot is the way we were made to move but modern living has made wearing shoes the norm. Shoes can restrict the natural movement and development of our feet, while many of them are not good for our feet.

Froggie have designed a pump that accommodates your natural foot movement and simulates walking barefoot. 

barefoot pump walking

Considering foot mechanics, your feet may feel strained at first, simply because you will be working certain muscles groups differently. It may be a good idea to wear them in slowly, especially if you are not used to walking around barefoot!

Watch our video with Sarah, our owner, brand manager and shoe fundi going into more detail about the barefoot pump:

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