Is it time to check-up on your Child's mid-year foot growth?

Can you believe it? We are halfway through the year already. Roll-in the July holidays where our kiddos revert to an almost newborn state of 2-hourly feeding and we as parents are left wondering how a litre of milk disappears so fast!

It may be time to check-up on your Child's mid-year foot growth because those growth spurts have a habit of presenting the night before school is due to start. As we all know, there is nothing more uncomfortable than having your feet squashed into shoes that do not fit and the long-term effects can be detrimental.

If you think about it, the human body is so malleable, even more so with little feet that are predominantly cartilage during the formative years. It stands to reason that shoes that provide the space to move and grow are best.

Learn more about it here - where our director and shoe guru, Sarah goes into more detail about the Barefoot School Shoe Range from Froggie.

Have a look at our Froggie school shoes below, each pair made with your little one’s feet in mind:

School Shoes for Boys

boys school shoe

Available in black or brown, these newly developed Lace-Up Boys School Shoes are 100% genuine leather and have been designed to accommodate young feet used to wearing casual sneakers.

 boys laceup school shoe

For a lace-less, breathable boy’s school shoe option – these Froggie Boys School Sandals in black or brown are ideal. The Velcro straps allow for a perfect fit, and the genuine leather uppers aid in the natural development of your child’s feet.

 boys school sandal

Need a closed school shoe with an easy Velcro strap that can slip on and off in a hurry? We at Froggie have you covered! Our Velcro Boys School Shoe features a robust Velcro strap and a reinforced toe for durability.

 boys velcro school shoe

Froggie Barefoot Science shoes are beautifully soft and flexible while still offering underfoot protection. This flexibility allows natural forefoot range of motion when walking.

boys laceup school shoe black

School Shoes for Girls

girls school shoe

Our newly designed High-Bar Girl’s School Shoes feature a thicker sole for underfoot comfort, as well as a buckle fastener which is an alternative to Velcro. These school shoes are available in black or brown.

 girls school shoe

Breathable, comfortable, flexible and designed with your little one’s feet in mind, these Froggie Girls School Sandals feature high-grip soles and unobtrusive Velcro straps for fastening.

 girls school sandal brown

These Froggie Low-Bar Girls School Shoes are designed with a low profile, featuring a single strap lower down the foot for a pump-like fit. Like all our Froggie Barefoot Science School Shoes, these are made to accommodate the natural and healthy growth of your child’s feet.

girls low bar school shoe

Based on the ‘Barefoot is Best’ principle, the lightweight, flexible design of Froggie Barefoot Science promotes natural, simultaneous development of all muscle groups in the foot, leading to strong feet and ankles.

girls high bar school shoe

Give last-minute School shoe shopping a side-step this holiday and visit one of our Froggie stores asap.

We have Froggie stores in The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Musgrave Centre, Lifestyle Centre Ballito, Gateway Theatre of Shopping AND Factory shops at Springfield Retail Centre, Woodmead Retail Park and in Claremont, CPT - 285 Imam Haron Road or you can shop online at


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