The Era of Athleisure

Whether you are exercising or doing the school drop-off in your activewear with zero intention of hitting that gym, athleisure has revolutionised how we wear our clothes. The line between exercise and casual wear has been conveniently blurred alongside the movement to work from home. Both of these are game changers for women.

white velcro sneaker

I am pleased as punch that we have pushed into this look while keeping the Froggie ethos of full leather, comfort and quality made in South Africa. A perfect combination of style and comfort was our focus when we designed these versatile beauties.

Let’s take a look at the styles that are ready to make you the envy of all the other yummy mummies.

white velcro sneaker straps

Our Velcro sneaker on the Bucket sole 12507

No lace no fuss. This style is full leather with 3 velcro straps to fit your foot like a glove. She is timelessly stylish and easy to wear with activewear, jeans, linen trousers or dresses. She really does look good with everything. The drop in bucket sole allows for a gel footbed which gives you that squishy comfort under foot. You can easily remove it to wipe clean or swap it out with your own personal orthotic should you need to.

 white tennis tekkie sneaker

Tennis sneaker on the Bucket sole 11400

Step aside Wimbledon babes, this classy girl is back with some glam. Also on our bucket sole in full leather which means you can remove the gel footbed. The back is padded to protect those delicate heels.

 black sneaker high top leather veld skoen vellie

High top on the Bucket 12423

Inspired by the Velskoen look, we played with this high top on the bucket sole to give you that athleisure feel and it works! Whether you are off on a bush holiday or simply meeting up friends for a coffee, this style has got you covered. Again, with the removable gel footbed, this is a style with comfort in mind.

 glam sneaker fancy bling

Glam sneakers 12459

This style is exactly as her name describes, Glam. She is a hybrid in line with a running shoe but can dress up your casual wear with ease. The touch of leopard gives it that playful sense of style, though if it is too wild for you, we have the classic white colourway which is a versatile must have for your wardrobe. She has a super light EVA sole similar to popular running shoes on the market.

 open back slipon sneaker

Velcro sneaker open back 12512

Another athleisure style with all day Froggie comfort features is our open back. Once you’ve set the 2 velcro straps to fit your foot, it is a simple matter of slide on and go. This style is great quick shoe for around the house and for those days of missioning with errands.

 open back sneaker

Athleisure has certainly turned dress code on its head and as women we embrace it.

There are no signs of this era dipping anytime soon so expect new styles to keep coming from Froggie. Until then, I’m off to do a school pick up (still in my activewear…thank you athleisure Gods)

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