The not-so-subtle metallic shoe trend of 2024

I know what you’re thinking, this is a fly by night trend, “what if it doesn’t last once I buy my metallic Froggie’s?” When you’re watching Kate Middleton and Anne Hathaway step out of your social media with a metallic shoe that makes their outfit, the relevant question is “what if it does last and I still don’t have a pair?”.
Metallics can take you out of your comfort zone, elevate your everyday outfits and make you feel young and alive and ready to give your day (or night) everything! We are talking about metallic sneakers, dressy metallic sandals, metallic pumps and points. Pick your poison of gold, silver, lead or multi metallic, we have a variety of metallic leathers at Froggie to fuel this shiny passion.
Silver lace up retro Sneaker 11140
This retro silhouette is flying off the shelves with its versatility in wear. Sneakers are probably one of our most popular buys this season. It’s not surprising with it’s all day comfort and its ability to be worn with just about any ensemble. This metallic beauty is so easy to wear with white linen trousers, any jeans, maxi skirts, frocks, shorts. The wardrobe mixes are endless and will take you into summer, so let this be your Winter season shiny splash.
Silver kitten heel point 10984
From work straight out for an evening soirée. Not only is that doable from a style point of view with this metallic gem, but with Froggie comfort underfoot you can be confident you’ll make it well into the night without turning into a pumpkin at midnight.
Silver sneaker push 12584
Slipping into this open back sneaker is a real treat. Again, available in silver it is a statement pair that is still classic enough to keep for mid seasons to come and it goes with just about anything.
Barefoot silver pump 12530
Elasticated, barefoot, shiny heaven. This snug little pump is Sporty Spice meets Posh Spice. Just so easy to wear and looks utterly gorgeous. Remember, it has barefoot technology giving your feet and toes natural space to move freely, and a removable footbed. It’s not only looks, it’s real Froggie comfort.
Metallic is big and it’s only going to get bigger so whether you are in the market for glam high heels or casual flats, we have a wide range of metallics to choose from. Be bold, shine bright like a diamond.

Slipper Cut Pump in Gold - 12467

Slipper Cut Pump in Gold

Elasticated Barefoot Pump with Removable Footbed in Gold - 12530

Froggie Elasticated Barefoot Pump with Removable Footbed in Gold 

Mid Heel Slingback Sandal in Gold - 12311

Mid heel Slingback Sandal in Gold


Wedge Slingback in Multi Metallic - 12442

Froggie Wedge Slingback in Crochet

 Mid Heel Slingback Sandal in Multi Metallic - 12311

Mid Heel Slingback Sandal in Multi Metallic

Pointed Court Shoes with Block High Heel in Multi Metallic - 12625

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